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Getting Started Quick Reference Guide

Step 1 - Create a new account

  • Select the Get Started button.
  • On the Department of Defense Notice and Consent page, select I have read and understood the statement and I agree to comply with all applicable regulations concerning use of the information from this website.
  • Select the Proceed to Login button.

Step 2 - Register a new account

Step 3 - Check email for confirmation 

  • Check your email for a verification email. Select the link to verify your registration.

Step 4 - Log in to MilLife Learning

  • From the Welcome page, enter the same email and password you entered during the registration process and select the LOGIN button.

Step 5 - Create a user profile

  • Complete the required fields with the red asterisks and select one or more roles for your profile. Then, select Save and Continue to create your account.

Step 6 - Locate, enroll and launch a course

  1. To find a course once the Course Catalog window displays, you can either:
    Enter the name of a course in the Search Catalog box and select the magnifying glass icon. The search result will display in a Courses/Results table. Or scroll down the Course Catalog page to find a course in the available course offerings.
  2. Select the Enroll link in the in the Actions column. This will redirect you to the My Training page.
  3. Select the Launch Course button. This will take you to the Course Home page.
  4. Select the Course Name link to start the course.

Step 7 - View and print Certificate of Completion

  1. Upon completing your course, select X in the top right corner of the browser displaying your course.
  2. Select My Training on the menu bar. This page shows you the courses you are enrolled in, as well as those you have completed.
  3. Select the Get Certificate button that is displayed under the course you completed.
  4. Once the Certificate of Completion is displayed, you can print it or select the PRINT FRIENDLY VIEW link to open the certificate in Adobe Acrobat and save it to your computer.
  5. Once you print or save your certificate, close the Certificate of Completion windows.

Download this Quick Reference Guide as a PDF.

Troubleshooting Tips

Check out our FAQs, which include instructions for allowing pop-up windows, adding Military OneSource to your trusted sites and clearing your cache or deleting your cookies and browser history if you're having trouble accessing your course.

See the FAQ

Still Having Trouble?

Contact us and our helpdesk will respond to your request.