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  • Car Buying Basics

    Car Buying Basics

    Are you interested in buying a new or used car? Use this course to learn the techniques of choosing and financing a vehicle ...

  • Clipboard handoff with pen

    Consumer Credit

    It’s more than just your money; it’s your financial reputation. Use this course to learn the advantages and disadvantages ...

  • Completing the DD93
    Casualty Affairs

    Completing the DD93

    Learn about the Death Gratuity benefit and what it means to you and your loved ones. In this course, you'll learn about ...

  • Calculator on finance papers

    Investing In Your Future

    Never invested? No need to worry. Invest with ease. Use this course to learn how best to use different options to save and ...

  • Married couple around boxes

    Money and the Move

    Moving, whether relocating or making your final move, can be a stressful part of military life. Use this course to help ...

  • MWR Thumbnail
    Morale, Welfare and Recreation

    Operating in an Inclusive Culture

    Did you know that providing Morale, Welfare and Recreation, or MWR programs and services that include individuals with disabilities ...

  • Desk with laptop

    Developing Your Spending Plan

    Are you setting money aside in your savings account each month? Use this course to help you create a spending plan for your ...

  • Welcome Style Guide

    Style Guide Training

    Are you a Military Community and Family Policy, or MC&FP, staff member trying to improve your communication skills? Use ...

  • eSAT course thumbnail

    eSponsorship Application & Training

    Are you a service member looking to help people transition to a new duty station? Use this course to learn about the tools ...

  • service member with baby
    MilFam 101

    1.0 Introduction to the Military Family Readiness Program

    Wondering what the MilFam 101 courses teach you? Take this introduction to learn about what is covered in the three distinct ...

  • service member hugging family
    MilFam 101

    2.0 Introduction to Core Competencies

    Are you a military family readiness service provider looking to increase your knowledge and skills but aren’t sure where ...

  • four people sitting at a table
    MilFam 101

    2.1 Communication

    Communication is a critical skill. This course provides basic elements of effective communication you can use in both personal ...

  • two women smiling thumbnail
    MilFam 101

    2.2 Intake and Assessment

    Learn about skills to enhance your ability to understand your clients and their needs. This course will help you develop ...

  • Soldier with head down
    MilFam 101

    2.3 Crisis and Intervention

    Crisis can result from a variety of life events. Military families live with the possibility of crisis on a daily basis. ...

  • People gathered
    MilFam 101

    2.4 Collaboration and Relationship Building

    Collaboration is key to integrated support and building community capacity. Help military families by learning how to develop ...

  • Soldier hugging spouse
    MilFam 101

    2.5 Compassion Fatigue

    Caring for others draws on internal strengths and compassion. Providing care and support to others can be both rewarding ...

  • Man presenting
    MilFam 101

    2.6 Facilitation and Briefing Skills

    Take this course to enhance your skills in facilitation and briefing. You’ll learn how to make the most of your presentations ...

  • Soldier headshot
    MilFam 101

    3.0 Introduction to Military Family Readiness Programs

    Learn more about the MilFam 101 track three courses with this introduction. You will learn how the track three courses help ...

  • Group of soldiers
    MilFam 101

    3.1 Emergency Family Assistance

    Learn how military family readiness service providers contribute to Emergency Family Assistance. Explore the components ...

  • Family holding hands
    MilFam 101

    3.2 Exceptional Family Member Program

    Learn about the Department of Defense commitment to providing consistent, high-quality support to military families with ...

  • Soldier hugging kid
    MilFam 101

    3.3 Family Advocacy Program

    Learn about the Family Advocacy Program, an integral part of the Military Family Readiness System. Explore how we all play ...

  • Soldier hugging spouse
    MilFam 101

    3.4 Financial Readiness

    Financial readiness is a critical component of military readiness. Explore financial readiness components such as the financial ...

  • Soldier with family
    MilFam 101

    3.5 Supporting Military and Family Transitions

    Use this course to learn about military family transition programs and support services. Explore three major military and ...

  • Holding hands
    MilFam 101

    3.6 Volunteer Coordination

    Learn how volunteers contribute to the military mission. Explore volunteer management principles, recognition and retention ...

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